Behavior Expectations

The library is intended to be a quiet and relaxing space for students to explore books and materials in an open ended way.

To that end the library rules are straightforward and incorporate principles that students are expected to uphold any where in the school.

Be Kind.

Be Respectful.

Be Safe.

Students are expected to have control of their bodies, including their volume level while in the library. They are expected to respect that other students are using the space to read and may need a quieter environment.

Students are expected to treat all books and materials respectfully. Students who intentionally damage books will have their parents contacted and may have check out privileges revoked if necessary.

Books may be checked out two per week for grades 3-5 and one per week for grades K-2.

Books are checked out for a period of one week and may be renewed if another student has not put the book on reserve.

If students have overdue books they well not be allowed to check out additional titles until they have returned those books.